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step 1: make girl laugh
step 2: make girl moan

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"When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness."


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This changed me.

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um sorry what

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me: I want a job
*never applies*

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Why do cute boys constantly feel the need to lead people on

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this is ma dream guy jst gna put it out there k

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You do realise you're a racist, self-centred bitch and by running this blog you're just glamourising the world of female objectification and rape and making more people want to get into being a sex worker, and before you dismiss this as bullshit you should know I was a sex worker for 4 years and I would at least hope that someone STILL in this line of work would at least not condone this horrible line of work. I know you're not going to publish this I just want you to know you're a bitch


  1. Racist? How?
  2. HA, female objectification my ass. We’re going to be objectified in ANY field, whether it is an office, collecting other people’s trash, or stripping - the difference is empowerment and ownership.
  3. Take your pseudo-feminist nonsense, think about the idea of reclaiming the male gaze, and shove it up your ass.
  4. Objectification is only negative if you do not consent to it - as strippers we consent and are in complete control of the situation.
  5. How fucking dare you equate being a stripper to glamourising rape. I am a rape survivor multiple times over and I have never been in a situation so sexually safe, including within my long term relationship, as I have in the club. Strip clubs do NOT condone rape nor do they encourage men to rape - in fact, it does the opposite; it shows men that they are NOT entitled to our bodies because they are unable to touch us, even to converse with us, for free. They aren’t entitled to shit. In fact, even when they’ve handed over hundreds of dollars for our company, we STILL walk away at the end of it; they still don’t own us even though they’ve literally handed money over. I can’t think of a situation that resembles rape less.
  6. It’s not a horrible line of work, it’s lovely. I make a fuckload of money, I see my friends all the time, I genuinely enjoy my job and my partner is okay with it. The majority of girls I know are in the same boat.

I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy sex work. Similarly, however, I didn’t enjoy retail but I wouldn’t message a shop assistant calling her a bitch for ‘glamourising a disgusting, underpaid industry which propagates capitalism, materialism and low self esteem’ because it’s nonsense. People are so much more than their occupations and I think you might not have realised this about yourself - I feel bad for you.

It's really sad that you wasted your talent of dancing your entire life to strip. I'm sorry but taking your clothes off for money is nothing to be proud of. It's the easy way out of real like if you ask me. It's easy to just climb up on a table and remove your clothes for disgusting money from disgusting men. Challenge yourself. Take the road that's hard work. Be a mom and a student at the same time and land a career that's going to make your daughter proud. Be a respectable woman. Just sayin.



LOL, let me start this one again, just because I love saying this: These “disgusting men” are fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, teachers, healthcare workers, white collar, blue collar, nerdy, athletic, quiet, motivational, backwoods, downtown, mini-van driving, and some are even friends.. We also cater to a female audience of respectable titles such as mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends, etc., etc. I don’t just climb up on a table and dance sweetheart, I have a stage where patrons sit and don’t touch me. They put down their money politely or throw it up in the air like a real gentleman. A lot of them have great conversational skills too! And “disgusting money” all spends the same whether it’s brand new crisp bills or seen 1000’s stripper’s stages. 

I’ve challenged myself many ways in the past with school and jobs, but going to school, barely paying all of my bills, raising a daughter, not getting ahead financially, and struggling with time is not in my plans any time soon. And for what? A job that pays a small fraction of what I make now, that requires 40 hours of work a week, and then paying off thousands of dollars in loans? Are you high? Do you hate your life that much? 

Is it easy? Yes and no, but I sure do love it because of the connivence. NOt to mention the 20 years of hard work and dance to get to my performance level as an entertainer. Yes, I get money for not even taking my clothes off sometimes! So what if it is the easy way out? Are you mad because your hard work isn’t paying off the way you want it to and now you have to bring me down? That’s nice, but my job has it’s fair share of employment heartbreaks too, none which include my dignity.

I’d be dumb NOT to be dancing right now, at the ripe age of 24, having a kid and looking as amazing as I do, being a dedicated full-time mother and not losing my sense of self, getting ahead financially for my family’s future and all of our great plans. Yeah.. and I’m wasting my talent now? 

“Enjoy your body - use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it - It’s the greatest instrument you will ever own”
– Baz Lurhmann

I do not have to explain myself, that my daughter will be proud of me no matter what I do to give us the life we deserve. The girl already knows that Mommy is a happy, dancing machine and she’s being raised in a family who shows more empathy and understanding than what you, an assumed grown adult who is anonymously word vomiting on the Internet, show. So take your nose and put it somewhere else besides my business because you’re not in my shoes living my life, baby.


It took me way too long to find that .gif of Paula so I’m going to post it a few more times and hope you get my drift.








What do strippers do when they’re on their period

What do female astronauts do when they’re on their period

what do homeless women do when they get their period

what did tribeswomen do when they got their period

what do fictional characters do when they get their period

what do fictional characters do when they need to go to the toilet

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